Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Russet: a twitter novel--introduction

Over 3,000 people were reading this experiment when I had to stop to cover work that pays the bills and keeps my publishers happy. I have finished  four books for younger readers, four picture books for an educational company and have finished the 600 page first draft of the third book in my Resurrection of Magic trilogy. That's the focus now. The book is with my Simon and Schuster editor and I await her comments and will then revise...and the production stage will then begin. I am hoping for late 2013. Any one interested in those books can start here:

I am writing messages from Russet, too, rethinking the whole format, freeing him from the "tweet-length" entries we used before. Thanks to everyone who has written to say nice things about this project.  Special thanks to the ones who were SO pissed off when the entries stopped. I love every one of you.

 Cyn Smith let me talk about the what and why of this kind of novel: here

Russet is telling his own story. He talks. I type. I don't know what happens next. Russet is just turning 18, and is trying to figure out his complicated life.His father might be crazy but I am not sure about anything except that I have loved every minute of writing his story. It has gotten longer and move intricate than I ever thought it would. I don't know how it will be published, but I  think it will. If it is too odd for my usual publishers, I will find some other way to get it to you.

Huge thanks to everyone contacting me on, FB, MySpace, blogger, twitter,  with both praise and pissyness because of the hiatus etc. This story is surprising me, too. ))


  1. I love Russet, Kathleen and I'm looking out for it every day. Thanks


  2. Oh,what a nice note. I have a trip coming April 26-29th.When I travel,I don't know if he will talk to me. I think he will. I will make up for missed days once I am home. I won't be traveling much until 2010--too many deadlines.

  3. Wow... I'm getting quite hooked on this! Also, cannot wait for Sacred Scars - it seems quite far away still!

  4. Thanks!! The experiment is certainly working for me. I wake up every day wondering if Russet is all right.

    I hope you like Sacred Scars. If you haven't seen the cover, it's here, just below Russet's story. It's the same artist, the brilliant David Ho.

  5. Kathleen - this is brilliant. I've only just met Russet and I like him already. I'm so intrigued by the story and what you can do with it. Cna't wait to keep following!

  6. Janet, thanks so much for saying that you "met" him.

    That's the point of this, for me. To meet him, not create him. To follow him and give him a voice, and record what happens.

    We'll see?


  7. OMG! I love every bit of this, every tiny bit!! I just retweeted it. Thanks for giving this a sincere go, Kathleen. Coolio!!


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